Give Back

Omega Phi Alpha desperately needs the support and involvement of her alumnae if we hope to preserve and grow our organization, to ensure that it's strong for a new generation of sisters to continue to grow on their service leader journey.

Whether your expertise is the result of your professional experience or volunteer activities, we probably need those skills! Please visit the volunteer page to see what OPA roles might be a good fit with your talents and interests. Some roles are ongoing leadership roles, and others are short term tasks. Whether you have a lot of time to offer or just a little, we'll be happy to put you to work.

If your time is limited, please consider supporting Omega Phi Alpha financially. We work hard to make our organization affordable to our college members so that money is never a barrier to membership. Because of that, we depend on our alumnae to support our initiatives financially so that we can keep providing the friendship, leadership, and service in communities across the country and around the world. Visit our donations page to learn more about the options and benefits of donating to Omega Phi Alpha.