Omega Phi Alpha’s Scholarship Trust awards scholarships annually to deserving Omega Phi Alpha sisters. The scholarship trust was created in 1997, and we have been awarding scholarships since 1999. The number and the size of the awards are based on the interest earned on donations made to the Omega Phi Alpha Scholarship Trust. Active chapters, alumnae and friends of the sorority can help to increase the awards by holding fundraising activities for the trust.

Donations made by active chapters are matched by the Omega Phi Alpha National Sorority, up to $2,000 annually.

The Omega Phi Alpha Scholarship is a cash award that may be used to support tuition, fees, books or living expenses. To be eligible for the scholarship, a sister must:

The scholarship applications are evaluated based on attributes such as grade point average, enrollment status in school for the previous and upcoming semesters, and number of academic years in Omega Phi Alpha since pledgeship. Applicants are questioned on their understanding of the cardinal principles and how the cardinal principals affect their lives. The applicant is also asked to explain why she joined Omega Phi Alpha.

For more information contact the trustees at scholarship@omegaphialpha.org