Insignia and Symbols

Omega Phi Alpha’s colors are dark blue, light blue and gold.  Dark blue represents service, light blue represents friendship and gold represents leadership.


The active pin is composed of a large gold diamond-shaped piece on which a smaller diamond-shaped piece is superimposed. On the smaller piece, which is dark blue, are the Greek letters that stand for Omega Phi Alpha, and a gold chevron.


The pledge pin is a lyre-shaped piece. The background shall be dark blue with a gold border, and the gold Greek letters Omega Phi Alpha.


The alumnae pin consists of a gold piece with the Greek letters of Omega Phi Alpha.


The coat of arms shall be the shape of a shield with the Greek letters placed on a small ribbon in the center of the shield. There shall be a ribbon that surrounds the shield from the left side, across the bottom and up the right side and the ribbon shall contain the words Omega Phi Alpha. The shield will be divided into three somewhat equal parts, with a fourth division in the center of the three divisions. In the left division there shall be clasped hands and the words Today's Friends. In the bottom division shall be a gavel and the words Tomorrow's Leaders. In the right division shall be a torch and the words Forever In Service. The center division shall contain a yellow rose. The crest background shall be baby blue. All wording, the Greek letters, and outlines of the images shall be dark blue. The outline to the shield, outline of the divisions, the ribbons, one of the clasped hands, the rose and the flame of the torch shall be gold.

The crest is wedge-shaped pointing downward with Omega Phi Alpha within its top border. There shall be a ribbon on each side of the wedge near the bottom. The left ribbon shall contain the Greek letter Omega, and the right ribbon shall contain the Greek letter Alpha. Superimposed in the middle of the wedge shall be clasped hands; below the hands shall be a chevron, and above the clasped hands shall be the Greek letter Phi. The wedge shall be light blue. The outline, clasped hands, chevron and ribbon shall be gold. The Greek letters and words Omega Phi Alpha shall be dark blue.


The sorority flower is the yellow rose.


The sorority mascot is Ophia (O-Phi-A), a doll resembling Raggedy Ann. In addition, some chapters will also create their own local mascot.


The national publication is called the Chevron. It is created by Omega Phi Alpha sisters, for Omega Phi Alpha sisters. Pledge, active and alumnae information can be found within its pages.


An old symbol returned in 2014. See the slideshow for more information. More details about usage will be available soon.


Purchase sorority gifts and memorabilia:

Sorority gifts and memorabilia can be purchased through our Rose Shop, at convention or online.


For specific requests, contact the Insignia Coordinator to let her know what items your are seeking.


Active and pledge pins must be requested and purchased through the national office.