As you know, there is a lot more to college than term papers and final exams. When you pack your son or daughter off for college, you know the next four years are going to be a critical time for them to learn… about themselves. They will stretch and grow and try new things and make new friends and, in the end, they’ll carve a path for themselves that will shape the rest of their lives. They enter this time as teenagers and emerge as adults, ready to take their place in the world.

It’s difficult to let them go, knowing that they will make their share of mistakes along the way, mistakes that you might have been able to avert. But trust in this: the basic morals you’ve instilled in your children will help them make the best decisions they can. 

Omega Phi Alpha understands this.   

If your perception of sorority life is based on what you’ve seen in the movies or television, you don’t have the full picture. Although it makes great entertainment on TV and in movies, sororities are not about parties and excluding other people. They are about discovering what is special about each member, and helping her find a safe, supportive niche in the often chaotic atmosphere of campus life. 

And Omega Phi Alpha goes even further than that.   

Because we are a service sorority rather than a social sorority,
our day-to-day emphasis is on helping people less fortunate than ourselves. Our membership policies are very inclusive, resulting in a membership that is rich in diversity. We work hard to keep our dues affordable, and we are committed to supporting our members’ first priority: scholastic success. We make sure our members study first, and then go to OPA events. And Omega Phi Alpha does not allow alcohol to be served at any sorority activity, even to those who are of legal drinking age.


When a college student becomes an Omega Phi Alpha sister, she becomes a member for life. That makes us a stakeholder in her future. We will do our level best to ensure that each member discovers and nurtures her true talents --- in the classroom, in her personal life, in our sorority, and ultimately in her post-collegiate life.